Fall Gardening Tips

Most fair weather gardeners love to work in spring. They spend hours cleaning their yards and planting new bulbs and plants. However, most people do not realize that fall is often the best time of the year for gardening. You can also save significantly on equipment and new plants as most nurseries as they prepare for the impending cold months. It is also a great time to build a good compost bin. You will have ample raw material in form of fallen and raked leaves in your yard. In fact, cleaning your yard is often the best way to begin your fall gardening regimen. The fallen leaves can be shredded and converted in to mulch as well. Add the mulch to roots of the plants to keep them warm during winter.


Fall is also a great time to plant trees, shrubs and other perennial plants. Unlike spring, the soil is nice and warm. The temperatures are mild. The increasing rain also helps plants to establish themselves before the cold months of dormancy. You will also find a great stock of perennials at your local nursery during this time. However, you do not always have to buy new plants. Fall is the ideal time to divide the existing mature perennials and transplant them to other spots in your garden. The method of division and transplantation will vary depending on your plant and the climate. Do your research before beginning the process.

Lawn care is an important aspect of fall gardening. Apply a good herbicide to kill all the broad-leaved weeds. Mow the lawn as and when required to maintain a 2 to 2-1/2 inch length. Grasses that are taller than 3 inches are more likely to suffer winter diseases. Very short grass does not have the ability to produce and store food for the cold months. You will also do well to add a good winterizing fertilizer to your lawn. Rake the leaves regularly. Thick layer of leaves on the grass can damage the lawn underneath. It can also lead to the accumulation of phosphates and nitrates on the grass and in the near-by water bodies.


End of fall is also the time to prune your roses and bring in the potted plants that cannot survive in the extreme winters. Little yard work during the fall months can do wonders to your garden during the warm months. Your lawn and plants will be ready to grow immediately in spring and flourish well in the growing season. Hence, fall gardening is much more than saving money and aesthetics. It should be an important aspect of every gardener’s regimen.