How To Prune Your Trees In The Fall

Pruning is a great way to help your plant grow well and thrive. You may choose to prune your trees and shrubs for a variety of reasons. It can help you remove diseased or damaged branches; promote air circulation and improved growth; lower the height of the tree; remove branches that may injure someone or obstruct their way; and shape the tree for aesthetic purposes. Fall and winter are the best seasons to prune your trees, although you should remove dead branches whenever you see them. Pruning during the cold months lowers the loss of sap from the trees, and in turn, reduces the stress they experience during the process. The trees do not have leaves. This may help you view the branches clearly and prune effectively.


Many of you may also worry about the number of branches you should trim at a particular time. It is important to prune as little as possible. This will reduce the stress on the tree. Most experts recommend pruning less than 25 percent of the crown at one time. At least two-thirds of the branches should be made up of living branches. Storms and bug infestations may force you to cut more. Try to limit the pruning as much as possible. You may go ahead and prune the tree yourself. However, it is best to hire a licensed arborist to handle large trees and heavy saws.

If you decide to prune yourself, you should try to prune the unwanted branch while protecting the trunk. Begin by cutting the branch side of the stem collar. This will protect the branches growing from it. Your tree will heal faster as well. A small, angled cut on the branch can prevent the bark of the stem from tearing. Cut from the top of the branch all the way through the branch.

Seek professional help if you are confused and your tree is in a peculiar location. Professionals will have the right tools to handle every situation. Common equipment includes rope saws, pole pruner and lopper, folding pruner, and portable buck saws. You may also try to rent them from a local gardening or hardware store. You should also learn about your tree, and make sure it does not have any specific requirements related to pruning. Do your homework before taking up the task.